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Enter the quietness of your soul………Come into the silence of solitude.

When you come to a point in your life and say

“ everything I have tried so far has failed : what to do next ?“

This is the time when a guide, a medium and a channel of quantum energy healing ( also known as divine angelic healing ) helps you to rebuild and rediscover your true inner self, helping you to do what you were meant to do.

Whatever your karmic debts, past experiences or present situation, you can choose from this moment to change with the help of quantum energy , hypnotherapy, and past life regression modalities .

This is a vital first step to shift the focus of our consciousness from the negative to the positive, from obstacles to the goal, from passivity in the form of circumstances to realizing that you can shape your own destiny. everything you wish to be is within you and you can bring out those traits with the help of a channel of quantum energy healing.

This healing will plant in the deepest level of your consciousness, the seeds of success and finally you will achieve the greatest need of all – to reestablish your connection with HIM , who is the source of our being.


Dr. Manupriya Mehra is one of the leading quantum energy healers of india. She is also a v successful clinical hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist, certified by the California hypnosis institute, Irvine ,California.

She has been practicing in jalandhar, Punjab, india since 2002. She is the director, PRAKRITI FOUNDATION OF QUANTUM ENERGY HEALING

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“Everytime you feel limitations, close your eyes and say to yourself :

‘ I AM THE INFINITE ‘ and you will see what power you have"

                                                                                              Sri Sri Paramhans Yogananda……

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